Online Bank Payments - Save up to 90% on Stripe Fees

Our founders knew first hand how much processing fees can hurt a business, so they created a solution that works better than credit cards: Online Bank Payments In Seconds. 

We can provide rates as low as 0.1% and global coverage with better FX rates than Stripe. Contact our experts for your free savings report today!

Designed & Perfected For Businesses Of All Sizes

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Why Are Others Making The Switch?

Table showing the differences in pricing and fees for borderless and Stripe (local pricing, international pricing, hidden fees)

With borderless™, not only are our prices lower, but you also avoid costly fees. We're dedicated to saving you money, and our prices reflect just that.

Wondering What We Offer That They Don't?

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Best B2B payment platform in the market today! Rates are the lowest in the market! Simple to integrate, $0 wire fees! 

Karim S.

CTO, GW Apps

Save money with Borderless! Transparent way to manage larger B2B payments. Easy to use, and the ability to track payment progress is very helpful!

David T.

CEO, Lenderfit

borderless is hands-down the best way to pay and get paid. Great customer service. MUCH cheaper than any solution out there. Super easy to use. Cheaper, faster, more visibility.

Kamal K.

Director of Strategy and Innovation

4.8 out of 5

Transparency in payments processing! Transparency, speed and cost efficiency all in one place for payment processing!

Patrick H.

Managing Partner, Experience Kairos

Great option with cheap price. Ease of use and setting up was easy. Customer support was also easy.

Mukul J.

Tutor, UCode Academy

We Tailor Our Services To Your Business

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Sending business payments is now as easy as sending an email. Get your first $10,000 in processing fees on us when you use sign-up code FREE10K 

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Made For Everyone: Zero to Full Integration

borderless™ is dedicated to providing the best checkout experience, starting with your own PayMe Page that requires no integration. Customers can also integrate borderless in their site in hours versus weeks.

Make Local & Global Payments In Seconds

Unlike Stripe, borderless offers 3 easy integration methods for small and medium-sized businesses: Web dashboard, file upload, and our API. Your payout needs are unique which is why borderless has created flexible, customizable solutions which can be tailored to you.
Here's How It Works

Simple & Secure: Reduce Your Data Liability

Request payments in 1 click. Secure links, emails or e-commerce buttons..

When you pay with Stripe, you have to enter your bank account information every time which is tedious. At borderless™, all you and your customers have to do is enter online banking information once and never do it again!

Calculate Your Annual Savings Today

Switching to borderless™ can save you a lot, and we mean a lot. Use our savings calculator to see just how much your business could save. With savings of over 90% waiting for you, it just makes sense!

Save money and grow business with borderless

Grow Your Business

E-Commerce With Zero Integration

Your free checkout page. Process bank payments online with limits up to $500K. The future of commerce is here.

Pay Your Vendors Instantly

Never share or collect banking information. Seamless bank-to-bank transfers for all businesses on the borderless™ network.

Save On FX Rates

No more worries about terrible exchange rates. Our currency conversion fee is included in our prices, saving you money on international payments.

Save money and grow business with borderless
borderless Customer support

Best-in-Class Customer Support

So you can focus on what you love

borderless™ is here for you. Our dedicated team of support representatives are standing by to assist.

Our knowledge base includes bite-sized resources and tutorials to quickly get you what you need.




Track Your Payments

We understand the difficulty behind not knowing where your money is when you’ve sent or are expecting it. That’s why we created payment tracking to give you peace of mind. Know exactly where your money is, every step of the way.

Tracking Payment Feature with borderless

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borderless™ and Stripe?

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Frequently Asked

I've never used direct debit or borderless before, is my money safe?

Yes, it is! In fact, your money is actually safer with us compared to many competitors, including Stripe. This is because we only require you to log in with your online banking and never ask for routing or account numbers so that you never have to input sensitive banking information. Even better, you only have to do the process once to avoid continuous inputs.

How does your international availability compare to Stripe?

Currently, borderless™ is more widely available as our services are in over 60 countries while Stripe is only in 43. We are also quickly expanding around the world and are excited to introduce over 20 new countries by the end of 2021! This allows us to ensure that by switching to borderless™, you can keep your international customers.

How do you save me money?

borderless™ can save a lot of money! There are no sign up fees, no setup fees, and no monthly fees. For businesses, our rates start at 0.1%; plus we cap our fees! See Pricing Finally, we also provide you with a more competitive exchange rate than most banks or Stripe, getting you more for your buck.

Can i do multiple payments at once?

Of course! With our mass payouts dashboard and API, you can send multiple payments at the same time reducing admin time. You can upload a CSV file or integrate our API to execute multiple bank payments with $0 wire fees at the same time. 

When and How do I receive funds?

We debit the funds directly from the payor’s bank account and deliver them directly to the recipient’s bank account within 2-3 business days of your client making a payment, anywhere around the world we provide our services. With borderless™ there are no wallets, no holding accounts, and no hidden fees. 

I'm a small business. Can borderless still save me big?

Of course we can! Consider a $5,000 business payment from the U.S. to Canada. With Stripe, you would pay a $145.30 fee when paying with a credit card. With borderless™, you only pay $30. That’s a savings of 80%! We support businesses of all sizes and hope you join us today.

But how does the money move?

borderless™ uses its own global direct debit infrastructure never moving money across borders. Instead, we transfer money within countries using local rails like ACH, avoiding the lengthy and expensive process to send money across borders. We avoid middlemen and their fees, saving you time and money.

do i have to worry about FX fees?

No. borderless™ gives you a better foreign exchange rate than most banks and Stripe, getting you more for your buck. We also avoid your bank charging you incoming wire fees or FX commissions. 

Switch To borderless™ Today!

Whether it’s simple integration, limited data liability, or more efficient checkouts, borderless™ can offer you something that Stripe can’t. We hope you join us so that we can start helping your business grow while saving you money!

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