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Thank you Daily Finance for nominating us as a Top Fintech Company in Kentucky! We are honored to be recognized among other great local companies. Their selection is based on innovation, growth, management and societal impact. We like to think we are changing the world, one payment at a time!

The total US healthcare expenditure hit $3.6 trillion in 2019, yet 90% of healthcare providers still use paper checks and manual processes for payment collections. Recognizing an opportunity, borderless™ launched a healthcare initiative to provide simple, contactless and affordable digital payments.

borderless goes on to the semi-finals of Venture Sharks 2020 which takes place on September 24 2020. 

After months of research and years of building the infrastructure, borderless launched in 2019, offering a way to collect and make payments from anywhere in the world.

Recently, Raffi and his team relocated their company from New York to Louisville, Kentucky and we get to hear a unique perspective from a founder that has experienced building a company in two very different cities.

borderless lauched in New York City two years ago and recently started looking for a new home. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the winners: Borderless, a fintech company giving merchants a cheaper, faster and safer alternative to credit cards…

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