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Created by dreamers, not bankers™.

Our Mission and Vision

borderless™ is made up of a diverse team working across the globe to simplify payments. None of us comes from a banking background, which enables us to create a platform that truly works for you, our customers. That’s why we say that we are “created by dreamers, not bankers.” 

We know that your dreams are important and that achieving them is thrilling. Our mission at borderless™ is to provide a simple & affordable payments system so that you can focus on what matters most to you and your business. We are here to help you make your dreams a reality! 

In The Press

After months of research and years of building the infrastructure, borderless launched in 2019, offering a way to collect and make payments from anywhere in the world.

borderless lauched in New York City two years ago and recently started looking for a new home. 

The Problem: Complex & Expensive Payments

As dreamers who have created multiple businesses, we’ve run into the following common issues:

Credit Cards

  • Expensive 

    Processing fees are extremely high, ranging between 2.7–5% on every transaction, eating into your bottom line.

  • Fraudulent

    Credit cards have a high failure rate and an even higher risk of fraud, which is detrimental to any business’ operations and bottom line, slowing down your growth.

Wire Transfers

  • Complex

    Sensitive banking details must be shared, putting your business at risk. Some payments even need in-person approval at your bank.

  • Opaque

    You never know where your funds are until they are delivered.

  • Expensive & Slow

    International wires have an average cost of $43, and can take from 2-10+ business days to be delivered.


Direct Debit

  • Difficult to Set Up

    Setup is needed from a bank or an ACH processor to accept funds, which makes one-time payments difficult.

  • Lack of Global Reach

    There is no international direct debit system…until borderless™!

Market Trends

In 2019, 55% of all online payments were made with Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), and this trend is growing. 51% of Gen Z don’t plan to apply for a credit card, and Millennials are moving away from credit card usage.

With your help, we built the ultimate payment solution

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Designed for businesses of all sizes, borderless™ is simple, affordable, global and transparent.

The Solution: borderless™

Meet borderless™,  an online bank payment processor bringing you local and international direct debit, a pull-payment method. 

Collect and make bank payments in seconds from anywhere in the world without the need to open foreign bank accounts. Accept bank payments online and save up to 67% in processing fees. Enable clients to pay using their bank, powering B2B e-commerce transactions. We also made recurring international payments possible and automated. Our benefits include but are not limited to: 

Save money with pay as you go pricing!

Pay-as-you-go-pricing with affordable rates

  • You only pay when you get paid, and we are 3x times cheaper than major credit card processors. Our low and tiered pricing is tailored to your needs, saving you up to 75% on processing fees.

  • Making payments is always free, avoiding you and your clients bank wire fees!
borderless is simple 1 click payments

Simple to use with easy integration 

  • Our dashboard and gateway are designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience to all users. Pay, request and manage transactions all in one place for easy reconciliation.

  • No matter your technical skill level, you can use borderless™ for your payments. We have developed several options to integrate borderless™, ranging from our PayMe™ page (a no-code gateway) to our e-commerce plugin for developers. 

Fast & global transfers with great FX

  • As an international direct debit platform, borderless™ ensures that your payments are transferred quickly and efficiently, within 2-3 businesses days.

  • borderless™ provides better exchange rates than most banks or PayPal, saving you more on every payment. 

Payment tracking & reminders

  • Track your payments end-to-end in real-time, so you always have the peace of mind and reduce admin reconciliation time.

  • Create and send reminders to ensure that your customers make payments on time.
Increase your conversion rate by 30% using borderless

Increased conversion rates

  • Studies show that offering more payment methods such as direct debit with borderless™ can increase your business’ conversion rates by up to 30%.

  • By 2021, bank transfers will be the 2nd most popular e-commerce APM. It’s time for your business to capitalize on the new trend.
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Contactless payments and QR codes

  • Accept contactless payments with our online payment gateway and payment links.
  • Accept in-person payments using scannable QR codes unique to each one of your products.

borderless™ was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

We are available in the US, Canada, and Australia, and are expanding to 26 additional countries by 2021. 

Try borderless™ today!

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