Payouts To 80+ Countries With $0 Wire Fees

Make bank to bank payments online or via API with $0 wire fees. Get better FX than most banks or PayPal. Whether you are a small business or a fast-growing marketplace, we have a dashboard, CSV upload or API payout capabilities meeting your business needs.

Reduce integration time with our easy to use dashboard. For mass payouts, drag and drop CSV files – It’s that simple.

Fully integrate the borderless payout API into your application and automate bank-to-bank payments using code.

Perfect Payout for Royalties, Payroll, Commissions, Contractors and More.

Trusted By Financial Institutions

We support 3,000+ banks worldwide

Are You A Marketplace?

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Simple Direct Bank Payouts For All

borderless offers 3 easy integration methods for small and medium-sized businesses: Web dashboard, file upload, and our API. Your payout needs are unique which is why borderless has created flexible, customizable solutions which can be tailored to you.
Here's How It Works

Download Template

Download our payment CSV file template. Edit the file with your payment details. Never collect banking information again.
Step 01

Upload Payment File

Upload your CSV file containing up to 200 payments. Our system will create a table to review all your payments in one place.
Step 02

Pay In Seconds

Submit your file and we will execute multiple payments at once in seconds. Save hours of work and enjoy $0 wire fees.
Step 03

CSV File Upload

Send Global Bank Payments In A Single API Request

Automate Direct Bank Payments With Code
We offer API endpoints, payout documentation, developer sandbox and best in-class support so it is quick and easy for you to get started.

Save Integration Time

Easily submit payments using a file upload or integrate the borderless payout API. Quickly test code in our sandox.

Simplify Global Payments

Pay anyone using a simple identifier "@ClientName". Just submit 4 parameters for global payments.

Increase Security & Help Limit Liability

Our technology avoids you collecting bank information helping to limit your data liability.

No Wire Fees - No Annual Fees - No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in charging you fees to make payments.  

Looking For Our API Pricing?

A Remote World Needs A Global Payments Solution

Core Features

Save more with borderless payments.
Easy Integration

You can start sending bank payments via API in minutes. We make it easy for businesses for all sizes.

Pay For Free In Seconds

Make local and global payments from your account or via API in seconds. Never store banking information.

Collect payments - receive payments in minutes
Your Contractors Receive Payments In Minutes

Save up to 90% in payment processing fees vs. credit cards.

Tracking Payment Feature with borderless
Track Payments Like a Package

The peace of mind you and your clients deserve with real-time tracking.

Better foreign exchange rates with borderless solution
Get More with Better Exchange Rates

Get up to 2% more on every exchange vs most major US banks and PayPal.

Reduce admin work with borderless payments
Mass Payouts With 1 Call

Save time with transparent payments. Know who paid what and when.

It takes just two minutes to set up an account!

No Setup Fees – No Monthly Fees – No Hidden Fees

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borderless Customer support

Best-in-Class Customer Support

So you can focus on what you love

borderless™ is here for you. Our dedicated team of support representatives are standing by to assist.

Our knowledge base includes bite-sized resources and tutorials to quickly get you what you need.




Built For MarketPlaces

Leverage our expertise and knowledge to build solutions tailored to your needs.

And more! Contact us to learn more.

Looking for an online plugin for e-bank payments?

Collect bank payments in seconds using our no-code PayMe Page or integrating our e-commerce plugin with a few lines of code.

E-commerce borderless - pay with your bank

Frequently Asked

How is my money and information safe?

You trust your bank and so do we, that’s why we keep it there. With borderless™, there are no holding wallets and you never share your banking information. We are a bank-to-bank payment processor with real-time payment tracking for peace of mind. We use military grade encryption to keep your information secure and we have a verified network so you always know you dealing with verified clients.

But how does the money move

borderless™ uses its own global direct infrastructure, partners with multiple financial institutions and has access to the SWIFT network. Our smart multi-rail technology, debit your bank account and send the funds directly to the recipients bank account avoiding middlemen and their fees, saving you time and money.

How do you save me money?

borderless™ can save a lot of money! There are no sign up fees, no setup fees, and no monthly fees. When paying users, there are $0 wire fees and we give you better FX than most banks or PayPal. We charge the recipient a minimal fee and its capped for high value transactions! See Pricing 

If my client is not on borderless can I invite them?

Of course! You can invite any business or contractor by using our invite feature located on your dashboard or by referring them to our site to sign up. 

Do I have to store my clients banking information?

You do not store any banking information limiting your data liability and increasing security. When users sign up to borderless, their banking information is stored using military grade encryption keeping everyone safe and secure. All you need to collect is their unique handle “@ClientName”.

How long does it take to get verified?

With borderless™ , we help reduce fraud and failed payments by verifying accounts. It may take up to 3 business days to verify your business. You can start making and collecting payments as soon as your account is created, making the experience seamless for you and your clients. 

Can I do mass payouts on a bi-weekly basis?

borderless™ uses its own global direct infrastructure, partners with multiple financial institutions and has access to the SWIFT network. Our smart multi-rail technology, debit your bank account and send the funds directly to the recipients bank account avoiding middlemen and their fees, saving you time and money.

do i have to worry about FX fees?

No. borderless™ gives you a better foreign exchange rate than most banks and PayPal, getting you more for your buck. We also avoid your bank charging you outgoing wire fees and may avoid even incoming wire fees. 

Scaling Our Payments Platform

borderless™ is the first US based international direct debit payments company making bank payments accessible and affordable to all. We are building a transnational ecosystem based on direct bank-to-bank payments. We are adding additional countries in 2021 reaching over 80+ countries worldwide.

Still wondering if borderless™ is right for you?

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