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The Problem

Everyday, millions of businesses collect payments from international customers using: Credit cards, invoicing and direct debit. They all present problems: credit cards are expensive, present a high risk of fraud and failed payments, invoicing systems are slow and heavily manual, and direct debit is not cross-border. These options amplify the biggest risks to businesses which are high operational costs, constrained liquidity and low repayment rates.

This is also frustrating for individuals as they are paying hidden fees, marked up rates and left in the dark on their payment status.

Meet null

A seamless international direct debit solution. Our product combines the simplicity of a guest checkout with the benefits of a bank transfer. By using borderless, businesses can reduce operational costs by 33%, lower risk of fraud and reduce churn, and improve their liquidity with direct to bank with up to same day payments. Their customers can have a one click payment solution with no hidden fees or outrageous exchange rates with transparent payment tracking.

Reduce operational costs with low transaction fees
Improve liquidity with up to same day international settlements
Increase revenue with one click payments and automation
Save money with no fee payments
Peace of mind with fast, reliable and secure payments
One click solution for convenience and automation
How It Works
Create a account Add Bank Account Receive payments using dashboard or API
Create a account Add Bank Account Make and automate payments
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Our mission
At borderless, we respect the determination, grit and passion of global pioneers. As globalization continues to impact consumers and corporations, we empower those who redefine the status quo to follow opportunity anywhere it takes them. Our mission is to standardize payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a simple payment experience. We aspire to facilitate international mobility by enabling anyone to pay anywhere the same way they would at home.
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