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Are you a freelancer? Gig economy worker? Remote worker? We know banks and PayPal are expensive.

We make it easy for companies to pay you directly your bank account with no or low fees and better exchange rates. Time to get paid more!

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At borderless, we have helped thousands of people save time and money with a personal account. Using this account, you can receive payments from companies, manage your payments and upload Tax information.

Our personal accounts work best for freelancers, gig economy workers, remote workers, contractors, makers, or other job types that often get payouts from businesses.

How it works


Create your borderless account

Fast & Free Sign up

Create a free borderless™ account and add your bank account. You create your own @handle (think of it as an Instagram or Twitter @handle) – It’s free and it takes two minutes.


Add your bank account once on borderless

Add Your Bank

Select your bank and securely add your bank account. 


borderless - checkout 1-click payments

Share Your @Handle

Any business on the borderless™ network can pay you in one click using your @handle. Share your @handle instead of your sensitive banking information with companies.   


Track your payment using borderless. Peace of mind.

Track & Save

Always know where your funds are in real time. borderless delivers the funds straight to your bank account using local payment rails in your local currency avoiding you bank fees. 

We are changing the game in bank-to-bank payments.

Save Money With borderless™

We make your bank global and efficient. With borderless™, you pay with your bank, but…

It's always free to pay

Better foreign exchange

Save big internationally with borderless

Why use borderless™ direct debit solution?

Secure & Private Payments

24-7 borderless security

We’re committed to your security. We use firewalls and 256-bit encryption to keep your data protected.

Ditch Credit Card Debt

The average balance on a credit card is $6,200. borderless™ brings you the convenience of a credit card without the credit card interest rates or annual fees.

1-Click Checkouts Fast. Easy. Safe.

borderless is simple 1 click payments

Sign up once for a borderless™ account and checkout faster and easier with our 1-click, contactless payments.

Frequently Asked

With borderless™ we provide you with a better exchange rate than most banks and PayPal, so your buck goes further. We only charge one side, meaning the business can pay the fees. We have lower fees than banks or other platforms. Last but not least, where possible, we deliver using local payment networks avoiding your bank charging you an international wire fee. 

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You trust your bank and so do we. We deliver funds straight to your bank account instead of a wallet. Say goodbye to platforms freezing your funds.  borderless™ is committed to your security. We use military grade 256-bit encryption and firewalls to keep your money safe.

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borderless™ is committed to your security and complying with all applicable laws. For your safety, we verify the identity of all businesses on the borderless™ network.

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At this time borderless™  does not offer a debit card. On average, it takes 5+ intermediaries to process a single card transaction. We like to keep it simple by eliminating middlemen and their fees.

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No. Your borderless™ account stays in your local currency. We auto-convert funds to your local bank account using our exchange rates – better exchange rate than most banks and PayPal.

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It depends on where you are located. Currently that is a limited functionality to only the USA. If your favorite store or business doesn’t use borderless™, you can refer them to us and get paid for it. 

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Earn Up To $1,000 USD!

Refer a business and get paid for it. We provide a reward for referrals of businesses.