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At borderless, we highly value security. That’s why we use bank grade security, encryption, and other standards to keep you safe. Additionally, we follow global compliance standards to make things easy for your business.

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Global Compliance

borderless follows the best practices recommended in the ISO 27001 framework for its security processes.

borderless is EU GDPR compliant

borderless is California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) compliant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our policies and procedures are designed to protect both your confidentiality and the security of your information. We store and process your personal information using servers located in secure data centers, which are protected by firewalls and have restricted access in compliance with applicable regulations. All data passed between borderless products, our servers and third parties are SSL encrypted. To help keep your finances and personal details safe, please do not share your login details, portal codes and passwords.

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You do not store any banking information limiting your data liability and increasing security. When users sign up to borderless, their banking information is stored using military grade encryption keeping everyone safe and secure. All you need to collect is their unique handle “@ClientName” or email address.

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borderless™ uses its own smart infrastructure, where we partner with multiple financial institutions and have access to local payment networks, Real-Time Payment system and the SWIFT network. Our smart multi-rail technology, debit your bank account and send the funds directly to the recipients bank account avoiding middlemen and their fees, saving you time and money. Bank to Bank payments. 

With borderless™ , we help reduce fraud and failed payments by verifying accounts. It may take between 5 to 10 business days to verify your business. You can start making and collecting payments as soon as your account is created, making the experience seamless for you and your clients. 

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Yes we do, and we do it to reduce fraud and failed transactions to keep your payments secure and seamless. In order to properly and swiftly identify the bank account, we collect and verify your bank account and routing number through an instant bank verification service using an encrypted connection. We also collect the name of whoever who owns the account, and if the account is owned by an individual or a company.

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Our Payments Platform


borderless™ takes your security seriously so you can focus on what matters most: your business. In addition to our high security and compliance standards, we make bank payments accessible and affordable to all. We are building an international ecosystem based on direct bank-to-bank payments. We currently serve 120+ countries worldwide and are always working to expand.