How to Incentivize Your Customers to Pay via borderless™

read on to learn how to incentivize your customers to pay with borderless!


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How to Incentivize Your Customers to Pay via borderless™


Not sure how to convince your customers to pay via borderless™? Find out tips & advice on how you can effectively incentivize your customers to use borderless™! 

Benefits of Using borderless™ for Your Customers 

borderless™ is not just good for businesses and individuals receiving payments. Your clients that make the payment, whether they are individual consumers or businesses, share many of the same benefits that you enjoy! 

Here are some benefits of using borderless ™ that you can let your customers know through email or one-to-one conversation, if appropriate. 

Need more guidance? See our How to Talk to Your Customers About Using borderless ™ blog post here.

1. Free to Use! 

Tell your customers that making an account and sending payments with borderless™ is completely free! 

2. Save time with easy payments 

Your customers can make easy payments with borderless™. No more writing checks and mailing them, no bank inputting card numbers and no more executing bank wires.

Once they create a borderless ™ account, they can make all future payments in seconds simply by logging in using their borderless credentials from any device and clicking pay.

Emphasize to your customers that there’s no need to input their bank account information every time they make a payment. It’s all taken care of!

3. Payment Tracking

Let your customers know that they can track their payments in real-time with borderless™. This means knowing whether their payments have been successfully received by merchants and if so, when, so that your customers never have to dispute over late or unsuccessful payments.

4. Private transactions

No one likes to share their private credit card or banking information with merchants online. 

Communicate to your customers that with borderless™, they never have to share their bank account information, even with you, to make a payment. 

They only have to log in to their online banking account once to connect their borderless ™ account to their bank account. 

5. Verified networks & better security than cards

If your customers have previously relied on sending payments through checks, cash, or credit cards, let them know that sending payments with borderless™ is a much more secure alternative

Because we transfer payments directly from bank to bank, your customers never have to worry about having their funds being lost, as they do with checks. Also, our payments failure rate is less than 1%, while credit cards have a failure rate of about 5%!

Plus, borderless™ uses military-grade encryption to allow for secure payments, and every individual and business that creates an account with us is screened and verified by our compliance team.

Additional Benefits You Can Share

Are your customers still not convinced? Here are some additional ways to incentive your customers that will guarantee their usage of borderless™. 

Offer discounts

You’ll be saving up to 67% on processing fees in addition to other indirect savings such as low foreign exchange rates on international transactions and admin work reduction. 

Share your savings with your customers by offering them discounted prices on your products and services. Even just a small discount should be enough to convince them to use borderless™. 

You can also choose to defer the discount to their next payment. For example, for e-commerce businesses, you can offer a discount of $10-20 on their next payment. This will also serve as an incentive for your customers to come back to your website again.

Other perks 

Other than product discounts, you can reward your customers in diverse ways. 

For example, if you are an e-commerce business that ships products, try offering your customers free shipping. If not, you can give out free samples and store credits. 

If your business is in the travel industry, you can offer to upgrade their hotel room or airline ticket if they’ve made frequent payments with borderless™.

For businesses in the healthcare industry, try offering free initial consultation or free trial of your medical supplies for a limited period. Get creative!

If you need additional help convincing your customers, contact us at One of our team members will reach out to you to help formulate effective strategies to incentivize your customers. 

Get borderless!

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