Who We Are

global map showing how borderless connects bank networks around the world


The only US based international and local direct debit solution.

Who We Are


Read and learn about who we are, what we do, and why we do it!

Our Mission and Vision

At borderless™ we respect the determination, grit, and passion of global pioneers. As globalization continues to impact consumers and businesses, we empower dreamers to follow opportunity anywhere it takes them.

As dreamers and global pioneers ourselves, we’re replacing outdated systems with innovative technologies that break down the barriers across nations. 

Our vision is to standardize payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a simple payment experience. We aspire to facilitate international mobility by enabling anyone to pay anywhere the same way they would at home. 

How We Do It

We are the only US based international and local direct debit solution. 

We have developed an infrastructure that connects local payment systems around the world to enable the transfer of money between partner institutions within countries. This infrastructure expedites the payment process, and avoids corresponding banks, middlemen, and fees to save you time and money.

What We Do

We’re changing the game in payments by providing global bank payments in seconds. No credit card fees. No wire fees. No hidden fees. Better exchange rates. We like to keep it simple!

Pay with your bank, anywhere we operate, in one click, or start collecting payments in minutes to save up to 67% in processing fees compared to credit cards. 

borderless™ partners with leading financial institutions to process payments in Australia, Canada, and the United States, and supports connections with over 3,000 banks worldwide. We are working on expanding to an additional 26 countries, giving more dreamers around the world the power of following their passions. 

borderless™ is proudly created by dreamers, not bankers™

Founded in 2016 and based in Louisville, Kentucky, borderless™ is built by a diverse team made up of individuals from around the world. Our team is proud of our mixed backgrounds, none of which are in the finance industry, which have allowed us to take a fresh look at a stagnant industry.

We are motivated by the singular goal of creating a payment platform that empowers people, not financial institutions. 

We carefully select all our partners to keep YOU, the dreamer, our sole focus and top priority. 

Join us as we work to improve what unites us. Together we can make it happen. Together, we are borderless™

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