What is International Direct Debit?



The only US based international and local direct debit solution.

What is International Direct Debit?


You may be familiar with direct debit as a payment method for domestic transactions. But what about making a direct debit internationally? With borderless™, international direct debit or international ACH is now possible, and it comes with many benefits. Read on to learn more!

What is international direct debit? (or international ACH)

A direct debit (known as ACH debit, bank debit, and e-check) is an authorized payment instruction to your bank where funds can be debited from your bank account. It is an alternative payment method to credit cards and wire transfers. 

International direct debit or international ACH is just what it sounds like: a direct bank debit transaction that occurs across borders, i.e. between parties from different countries. It is a local direct debit from the payor’s country to a local direct deposit to the recipient’s country.

Direct debit is commonly used for various types of transactions: recurring payments like subscriptions or memberships, one-time payments like invoices or charitable giving, and B2B and C2B e-commerce.

International direct debit makes these types of transactions possible between foreign countries capturing a bigger market share. It is used for international instances in the healthcare, logistics/fulfillment, education, travel/hospitality, tech,real estate, accounting, and beer/wine/spirits industries and more.

Pros and Cons of International Direct Debit

There are many benefits for businesses and individuals to use direct debit for their international payments needs:
  • Save money compared to high credit card processing fees
  • Avoid slow, expensive and opaque international wire transfers
  • Fast and efficient payout in just 2-3 days for improved cash flow
  • Avoid the need to open local bank accounts in foreign countries to collect local payments.
  • Higher payment security and reliability compared to credit cards, which have high failure rates and fraud

There are also some disadvantages to using international direct debit:
  • Reach is limited because not all countries have direct debit infrastructure
  • Since this is a new payment method, there are not that many providers yet for international direct debit (ACH)
  • Can be complex to set up and difficult for users to make and accept payments

borderless™: the ultimate international direct debit solution

borderless™ is a leader in the international direct debit (ACH) industry being the only US-based international and local direct debit solution.

The era of manual paper currency, expensive credit cards, and complex wire transfers is over. Online bank transfers via direct debit are the future of payments, and borderless™ is at the forefront of this change.

From tuition payments to B2B e-commerce, borderless™ allows you and your business to make and accept payments securely, simply, and affordably.

Unlike other providers of international direct debit, borderless™ has a simplified the setup process to everyone no matter their programming experience. You can get started in minutes and start collecting payments using an email address. borderless™ also offers a simple user experience with an intuitive, searchable dashboard that allows you to manage all your payments in one place.

With features like payment tracking, recurring payment infrastructure, pay-as-you-go pricing, and easy integration, borderless™ is the ideal payments processor for any business. You can reduce admin time, stress, and processing fees spent on payments so you can focus on growing your business.

Create your account today and start receiving and make international direct debit payments in minutes. Use code BORDERLESS20 at sign up or book a live demo with our team here.

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