Transforming Global Payouts With Multi-Rail Mastery

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Transforming Global Payouts With Multi-Rail Mastery

The financial landscape has undergone a transformative shift with the rise of financial technology (fintech), challenging the traditional dominance of banks. In this era of innovation, borderless is playing a pivotal role in redefining how businesses and marketplaces handle their finances, especially in the realm of global payments and marketplace payouts.

Unified Solutions on a Single Platform

borderless provides businesses with the simplicity of handling international transfers with just a click. This streamlined approach empowers businesses to track transactions and tailor payments according to their unique requirements.

So how do we make it happen?

One thing that makes the magic happen and sets up a part is our multi-rail technology. One platform can give our clients access to a global presence to over 120+ countries and the unique ability to pay to bank accounts using local and international ACH, SWIFT wires, Push to card as well as payments to third party wallets such as PayPal or Venmo. One platform to have access to all different payout methods. One API to integrate to make payments worldwide.

Yes, our multi-rail technology makes us truly special in the world of fintech, but its not the only answer on what makes us different from other payments companies. There’s no simple answer; our team of experts, our fast, friendly and personalized support as well as commitment to our clients’ success are all important factors in the unique borderless approach.

The Innovation Behind the Scenes: Embracing Multi-Rail Technology

At the heart of borderless’ ingenuity lies its forward-thinking multi-rail technology. This distinctive system seamlessly integrates four primary routes: real-time payments, local and international ACH, wires, VISA and Mastercard cards, and third party wallets. The objective is clear – to ensure transactions reach their destinations swiftly, securely, and with optimal cost-efficiency.

Decoding Multi-Rail Technology

Understanding the key elements and our different payout methods:

  1. Real-Time Payments: borderless leverages real-time payment networks such SEPA Instant, Faster Payments and more ensuring payments are delivered in less than a minute.
  2. Local and International ACH: borderless leverages local ACH networks, providing businesses with a reliable and cost-effective means to process payments domestically and cross-border.
  3. SWIFT Wires: In situations where traditional approaches are necessary, Borderless utilizes wires to guarantee the timely delivery of funds globally.
  4. Cards: Facilitating seamless payouts through cards, borderless incorporates VISA and MasterCard card-based transactions, offering a versatile solution for businesses and contractors.
  5. Third Party Wallets: Harnessing the power of digital wallets such as PayPal or Venmo, borderless ensures swift and secure payments, catering to the growing demand for digital financial transactions.

How Does It Work? A Streamlined Process

How does this technology operate? Picture it as a map. When a transaction request is initiated, the system evaluates crucial details, such as the amount, date, and origin-destination points. It then navigates through various routes, analyzing each one to determine the fastest, most secure, and cost-effective option for the specific case. It is a smart system utilizing an infrastructure connecting dots using the most efficient routes.

The brilliance of multi-rail technology lies in its automation – an intelligent system that acts as your payments’ navigator, choosing the optimal route for each transaction seamlessly. A single click is all it takes, and borderless’ multi-rail technology ensures that your payments traverse the global financial landscape with efficiency and security.

In a world where global payouts demand versatility, borderless simplifies the process, offering a unified platform for bank, card, and wallet payouts. Join us on this journey of financial innovation. contact us for a demo and experience the power of borderless’ multi-rail technology in action.

Empowering Businesses Worldwide

Who can benefit from our multi-rail technology? Everyone! However there are a few key customers that we think our product suite are best suited for:

Small Businesses: Contractor & Vendor Payouts

Small businesses can leverage borderless for hassle-free contractor and vendor payouts. The user-friendly dashboard simplifies the process, making it easy to manage and execute payouts efficiently. Just clay “Pay” and experience the power for borderless.

Marketplace Applications: Seller & Creator Payouts

Marketplaces can enhance user experience with borderless’ Payouts API. Facilitate seamless payouts for sellers and creators, creating a streamlined financial ecosystem. We also on-board sellers and provide out of the box experiences that fit within your application.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs): Infrastructure as a Service

PSPs can empower their community of merchants with borderless’ API integration and white-label solutions. Transform your offerings with borderless’ infrastructure as a service, providing a robust and scalable financial solution. Integrate and get started with our multi-rail technology within weeks.

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About Us

borderless, a global payments company that provides a payout software and API to companies to process payments to 120+ countries. borderless specializes in cross-border payments, and their platform utilizes local payment rails, real-time payment rails, and SWIFT to facilitate faster and more efficient payments. We invite you to explore how borderless can assist your marketplace or digital platform in navigating marketplace payments and international payments. To learn more, contact our team to schedule a demo today.

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Want to see our product live in action? Please enter your details below and a member of our team will schedule a time for a demo.

We will use your details to contact you. We promise we won’t spam you with emails because we wouldn’t like that ourselves.