The 2022 Online Job Market Predictions



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The 2022 Online Job Market Predictions

As 2021 comes to an end, we want to take a look back and review some shifts we’ve seen in the online workforce as the world returns back to “normal”. What are some trends we’ve seen over these past 12 months and will 2022 bring on a whole new transition as well? Throughout our next few blogs we will cover what this means for both an employee and employer and if our predictions for the future online job market of 2022 will be correct.

Before we dive into our predictions for the 2022 job market, let’s take a look at what careers have been trending this past year.

10 Best Online Jobs in 2021:

  1. Premium Freelancer
  2. High end blog writer
  3. Dropshipping 
  4. Digital marketing freelancing
  5. Online courses, coaching and consulting
  6. Video and audio editors
  7. Programming and coding
  8. Freelance writer/editor
  9. Design consultant
  10. Remote tech companies

Freelance work for example is exploding. According to the platform Upwork, 57.3 million people freelance, making $1.4 trillion per year. Do those numbers make you want to start a new career in freelancing?

While traditional jobs such as teachers, doctors, and lawyers are still in high demand, we’ve seen a shift in industries over the past few years. Many jobs that are prevalent today online most likely would have never of been imagined a decade ago. A key example would be the creation of social media. At first these platforms were created with the intent to keep people in touch with one another. As the popularity of platforms such as Instagram and twitter came about, businesses began to use it to their advantage too. This was a new way to advertise their company along with their products/services in real time. While this new concept was great for business, it requires an enormous amount of upkeep. Companies now need a dedicated person to manage their social media accounts, create content and maintain their online presence. A new job emerges- Social Media Manager. This “hobby” of someone surfing the platform has now become a full time crucial career.

So What’s Changed?

The pandemic has created numerous changes around the world. One of the most prevalent is the way we work. While the concept of working online is not new, there seems to be a common theme of applicants wanting the option to work remotely as part of their job search criteria.

Since 2009, the number of people who work from home has risen by 159%. In our latest blog, we spoke about the boom of online marketplaces. While these marketplaces were once a one dimensional platform connecting buyers to sellers, they’ve evolved into a dynamic platform that allows a new form of employment that people are taking full advantage of. As these platforms continue to expand their capabilities, the traditional work space might look a little different than reporting to a main office. 

Working online has given employees a new sense of freedom. There seems to be a shift in mindset amongst workers; they are now prioritizing themselves above work and not being tied to the “9-5” grind. Working online allows them to do this. They’re having more time for themselves, not commuting to an office and still being disciplined to get their work done. Companies may also benefit greatly from remote work, not having to have the overhead of an office space or stocking of the company break room. Some companies have even gone as far as implementing a 4 day work week. Employers must take a look at what their competitors are doing to increase their headcount and find a way to stand out in the crowd of applicants.

Work/Life Balance:

Overall there seems to be a huge shift in the workforce all together with one major focus. Work/life balance. The modern employee is not necessarily looking for the highest salary anymore. Instead, they are valuing non monetary things such as:

  • Flexible work schedule/culture
  • Benefits
  • Remote/hybrid work environment
  • Team/company connections
  • Retirement planning
  • Student loan repayments
  • Focus on mental health support 
  • Career development

Takeaways from 2021:

So what have we learned from all of this? 2020-2021 was a first for many in the workplace. Both employees and employers dealt with major shutdowns, staffing shortages, lack of available work, remote/hybrid work environments and the need to constantly adapt and change to updated processes.

While some are still not back on their feet to pre Covid times, we want to take a look at what these past 24 months have shown us. For some it may have been a struggle to pivot while others have flourished with these changes. In our last blog we touched on the boom of online marketplaces.


  • More job roles can be performed just as effectively in remote locations.
  • Not having a physical office opens up the capability to hire people from a larger pool.
  • People feel they have more control over their work/life balance.
  • Less time commuting to and from work is more money saved.

Some employers have had to ditch their traditional ways of hiring and offer more flexibility in the process. We learned that some companies eliminated drugs tests, dropped background checks, implemented quicker to hire processes, offered huge bonuses and some even offered college tuition assistance.

We’ve learned that the demand for online jobs is only increasing with each year that passes. As it stands over 58% of the US workforce is remote. Especially as traditional jobs and the 9-to-5 office positions take a back seat to more flexible positions, online jobs will come to the forefront. Traditional work policies are a thing of the past.

Our Predictions for Popular Online Jobs in 2022:

  • Tutors
  • Personal trainers
  • Social media managers
  • Virtual assistants
  • Recruiter
  • Email marketer
  • Customer service representatives
  • Creative writers
  • Chat agent
  • Graphic designers

How do we see 2022 panning out?

  • Workers will stay in control.
    • What does the employee want? How can we attract talent other than money? A companies online presence and community activism are taken into consideration when applicants are applying.
  • Diversity takes a front seat.
    • The rise DE&I industry will challenge companies employee outside their typical hires. Company culture in the word culture has shifted from a cool couch and break room snacks to how the employer values their workers. This is the new company culture definition for many.
  • Job seekers market.
    • That means more opportunities for first-time job seekers to land decent positions if they play their cards right. Particularly recent grads.
  • Improved hiring processes.
    • Speed of hire is now a competitive edge. “For job seekers, this will mean that you may have multiple companies running you through their recruiting process quickly to beat the competition to offer.” said Lisa Hennessey, CPO for Happy Money.

New Year, New Me:

The first of the year always brings about goals, optimism and of course chaos. New Year’s Resolutions seem to wreak havoc not only in the gym but also in the job market. People want to start the year strong, bettering themselves in every way possible and they’ll be more likely to take their time when applying for a new role.

Take a look at this pole from 2021 of the top 10 New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Get more exercise
  3. Save money/make more money
  4. Focus on self-care
  5. Read more
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Make new friends
  8. Get a job or get a new job
  9. Take up a new hobby
  10. Focus on my relationships

Anything look familiar? While most of these resolutions have been said year after year it actually seems like the shift in employee mindset from 2021 could be bringing these into fruition in 2022.

It is key for an employer to think like top talent if they want to attract top talent. Ask yourself questions like; What does my job description say about the company/role? How am I branding the company online? Would I want to work for myself? What separates me from the rest? Again, keep in mind that this new employee is something we’ve never seen before. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative when trying to attract new employees.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what’s trending right now in the workforce and our predictions for 2022. Contact our support team or email support@getborderless.com

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