One-Time Checkouts by borderless™



The only US based international and local direct debit solution.

One-Time Checkouts by borderless™


With borderless™, your business can accept international and local bank payments in seconds with our simple, secure, and affordable direct debit solution. Although making an account with borderless™ is easy and free for your customers, we have now created the ability for your customers to make payments without signing up! Read on to learn how our latest feature makes the payment process more convenient for you and your business.

Announcing One-Time Checkouts with borderless™! Customers will no longer be required to make a borderless™ account in order to make a payment.

Why is borderless™ offering this feature?

As with everything we do here at borderless™, the goal of our latest feature is to make the payment process more convenient for you and your customers. Users can make a payment to your business without going through the process of creating a borderless™ account. 

This feature will enable more of your customers to pay you faster and easier, helping further simplify your payment process.

How do one-time checkouts work?

One-time payments are simple and fast to make. The following section explains how to make a one-time payment from beginning to end in just a few easy steps. 

If you prefer to see how it works in a video form, check out our YouTube video here on one-time payments!

Step 1: Payer Goes to borderless™ Payment Gateway

There are many ways that the payer can access the borderless™ payment gateway. The most common is integrating borderless™ on your website and set up a “Pay with your bank” button that redirects the payer to the payment gateway, as pictured below. You can also use your PayMe™ page, or they can scan a QR code that leads them to the gateway.

Step 2: Payer Selects “One-Time Checkout” from the Payment Gateway

Once the payer has reached the payment gateway, they can choose to either log in to their borderless™ account or make a one-time payment. To do the latter, click the “One-Time Checkout” button on the left.

Step 3: Payer Enters Email and Signs Into Their Bank Account

Next, the payer chooses whether this  is a personal or business transaction and enters their country & email address. They can then choose their bank from the list of banks that partner with borderless™ via online banking. 

They then sign in to their bank account using their bank’s username and password for that account. No need to use complex routing or account numbers. This process is completely secure and private.

Step 4: Pay!

Once they are successfully signed into their bank account, the payer now can review the details of the transaction and pay!

They can then press the big green “pay” button, and the payment is completed! They are then redirected back to the website from which they clicked on the link to the gateway. If there are no redirects, they will be able to track the payment.

Step 5: Payment Tracking

Once the payer has successfully completed the payment, we will send them a confirmation email to the email address they provided.

This email enables the payer to track their payment in real-time, allowing them to always know where their funds are and giving them peace of mind.

Are one-time payments secure and private?

Your security and privacy is very important to us. borderless™ uses bank-grade security protocols and highly sophisticated data encryption tools to keep your information and transactions secured.

Specifically, for security, borderless™ does not store your funds, we just transfer the funds to their intended recipient’s bank where they are securely stored and insured. borderless™ partners with a financial institution that is secure and regulated in over 180 countries.

As for privacy, we store and process your personal information using third party servers located in secure data centers, which are protected by firewalls and have restricted access in compliance with applicable regulations. All data passed between borderless™ products, our servers, and third parties are SSL encrypted. 

Your bank information is not shared with other users not even the merchant and your banking credentials are not even shared with borderless™.

One-time payments are just the latest way that the borderless™ team is committed to saving you money and keeping you and your money safe with the highest privacy and security standards.

Create your borderless™ account today using the code BORDERLESS20 here or book a live demo here to receive free payment processing credits.

Keep following your dreams!

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