borderless™ and Amazon Web Services (AWS)



The only US based international and local direct debit solution.

borderless™ and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


We are excited to announce that borderless™ is now an approved vendor of Amazon Web Service (AWS) and is now available on the AWS Activate Console! Learn more about what this means for your business and how to claim exclusive benefits.

What is the Amazon Web Service?

The Amazon Web Service, or AWS, is a subsidiary of Amazon, providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs) to individuals, companies, and governments.

Amazon describes AWS as a way to obtain large scale computing capacity faster and cheaper than building an actual physical server farm.

What is AWS Activate?

AWS Activate is a service that “provides startups with a host of benefits, including AWS credits, technical support and training, to help grow your business.”

In other words, AWS Activate helps startups in the early stages of their business with the technical aspects of their business.

AWS Activate provides service for two types of startups: self-funded/bootstrapped startups and funded startups. Each AWS package has certain requirements that a startup must fulfill in order to apply.

borderless™ and AWS

borderless™ is now an approved vendor for AWS,  providing an exclusive offer to its members. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes, especially startups, to grow and succeed at every stage of their journey.

This means that startups building on AWS can now access customized, discounted offers on our B2B quick pay and e-commerce solutions directly through the AWS Activate Console. 

borderless™’ inclusion in the Activate Console Exclusive Offers program recognizes our international and local direct debit solution as a solution that is important to the growth of the startups building and scaling their companies on AWS.

“borderless is delighted to be an AWS approved vendor and be featured in the AWS Activate Console,” said Raffi Kayat, CEO. “It is a testament of the solution we have been building to solve a much-needed problem for businesses of all sizes. Much like AWS, our team is dedicated to helping startups grow and succeed at every stage of their journey.”

You can find borderless™ here on the Exclusive Offers Page of the AWS Activate dashboard, and then press “Claim Offer” to access the exclusive perks!

Startups affiliated with AWS can now access thousands of free payment processing, access to early beta features, and enhanced support for our services.

If your business builds on AWS, claim the borderless™ offer from your dashboard today! If not, startups can join AWS Activate here.

You can also contact our team to book a demo to learn more—ask our team about your first few payments on us for a free trial. 

Keep following your dream. Get borderless.

About borderless™

Pay and get paid in seconds. We make B2B bank payments easy, fast and affordable. With our secure bank to bank payment solution, you can pay vendors for free and track payments in real time. The funds get deposited straight to your bank account keeping your money where you trust it most. We also offer an e-commerce plugin making high value B2B e-commerce accessible and affordable for all. We partner with leading financial institutions who move $20 billion a year and support over 3,000+ banks worldwide.

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